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Parents of Auburn is a sister company of 662 Marketing Co. 662 Marketing, based out of Oxford, MS is the brainchild of Kate Rosson, a local entrepreneur who also started Parents of Ole Miss.  The "Parents of" platform is designed to help parents of each college or university, get familiar with local resources who you send your child off to college.  

There is nothing more unnerving than your child being far from home, them needing something, like new tires or a great doctor, and not knowing where the best place to go is. Thats where Parents of Auburn (POA) steps in.

We are your local resource to helping you navigate everything Auburn, all from a fellow Auburn citizens perspective.  We hope you enjoy and find our information informative and authentic.

ParentsofAuburn.com is not an official site of Auburn University, nor does it reflect the opinions or recommendations of the Auburn University.

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